I Gave An Old Man A Lap Dance

Dumbest thing i did. Went to the movies 3 mins late, lights are down already, sat in a empty seat. empty seat asked ” can i help you ? ” apparently i gave an old man a lap dance… complimentary service on the house. always arriving 30 mins early to a movie. ill sit through the cutscenes and get the best seat.

I Just Want To Share An RP Moment

I wanted to share what seems to be commonly known as an RP moment, lol.

I tripped over a chair at work the other day (again) and not for the first time, my friend/coworker laughed. I brushed it off at the time but she brought it up to another coworker later and laughed uproariously. I very rarely (seriously) make an issue about my RP but this time I told her I didn’t understand why it was so funny and why would anyone laugh at something like this. The tone did change but it’s been bothering me that no apology was forthcoming. I would like to hear others’ thoughts on how they deal with friends/family about this (I couldn’t care less about what strangers think )

I Hate Being Blind

I wish I didn’t feel this worthless and useless. I hate being blind, I hate being misunderstood. I hate remaining an outcast. I hate my life

Slow Down, Be Careful, Look Where You Are Going

When you hit you’re face on a chair that wasn’t pushed in at the kitchen table. I was just trying to pick up my kitty cat and give him some snuggles. Some say “slow down, be careful , look where you are going”. Reality is , you just didn’t see the object that you hit your face on.. Dosnt matter how freaking slow you go .. you just don’t see it.