Facial Amnesia

Does anyone else seem to have facial amnesia? I’m not talking about people you’ve known for years or family, but the people you’ve met since your eyes got worse. Example, I started going to a new Dr and had been going there for a year and a half, my wife and I went to the grocery store and someone said hi and my wife returned the hello and I asked her as we walked away who was that and she said my Dr and I seriously had no idea who it was. And that type of thing happens a lot. Like I can’t recognize people out of the setting I normally see them. I just think it’s weird because I have a super great memory for everything else.

You Are Legally Blind

Hi all. Even though I knew it was coming, to hear your Dr. say “you are legally blind” for the FIRST time is devastating and soul crushing. Any advice for how to deal with the psychological/emotional aspects of RP? 😉 Also, if anyone has any advice about resources/support for the blind, I’d greatly appreciate it. I may be down today but I am coming at this full force tomorrow. Good night all!

I Gave An Old Man A Lap Dance

Dumbest thing i did. Went to the movies 3 mins late, lights are down already, sat in a empty seat. empty seat asked ” can i help you ? ” apparently i gave an old man a lap dance… complimentary service on the house. always arriving 30 mins early to a movie. ill sit through the cutscenes and get the best seat.

I Just Want To Share An RP Moment

I wanted to share what seems to be commonly known as an RP moment, lol.

I tripped over a chair at work the other day (again) and not for the first time, my friend/coworker laughed. I brushed it off at the time but she brought it up to another coworker later and laughed uproariously. I very rarely (seriously) make an issue about my RP but this time I told her I didn’t understand why it was so funny and why would anyone laugh at something like this. The tone did change but it’s been bothering me that no apology was forthcoming. I would like to hear others’ thoughts on how they deal with friends/family about this (I couldn’t care less about what strangers think )